Alt names: Örümceğim ben, ne olmuş?, AÅ¡ voras, ir kas iÅ¡ to?, Jag är en spindel, vadå då?, Jeg er en edderkopp, hva så?, kumoko, No i co z tego że jestem pająkiem?, So I'm a Spider, So What?, Sono un ragno, e quindi?, Soy una araña, y que?, Да, я паук, и что же?, Да, я паук, и что с того?, أنا عنكبوت، وماذا في ذلك؟, من یک عنکبوتم. خب که چی؟, แมงมุมแล้วไง, ข้องใจเหรอคะ?, 不过是蜘蛛什么的, 蜘蛛ですが、なにか?, 거미입니다만, 문제라도?,
Author: Baba Okina
Artist: Kakashi Asahiro
Genre: Isekai Fantasy Drama Comedy Adventure Action
Demographic: Seinen
Format: Adaptation
Name Published date
Chapter 61a 2022/11/24 Read
Chapter 60e 2022/10/27 Read
Chapter 60b 2022/10/27 Read
Chapter 60a 2022/09/08 Read
Chapter 59b 2022/07/28 Read
Chapter 59a 2022/06/23 Read
Chapter 58b 2022/06/02 Read
Chapter 58a 2022/04/28 Read
Chapter 57b 2022/04/14 Read
Chapter 57 2022/03/10 Read
Chapter 56 2022/02/17 Read
Chapter 55 2022/01/13 Read
Chapter 54 2021/10/28 Read
Chapter 53 2021/09/09 Read
Chapter 52 2021/07/15 Read
Chapter 51 2021/05/27 Read
Chapter 50 2021/03/11 Read
Chapter 49 2021/01/28 Read
Chapter 48 2020/09/03 Read
Chapter 47 2020/09/03 Read
Chapter 46 2020/08/27 Read
Chapter 45 2020/08/06 Read
Chapter 44 2020/05/28 Read
Chapter 43 2020/05/14 Read
Chapter 42 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 41 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 40 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 39 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 38 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 37 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 36 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 35 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 34 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 33 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 32 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 31 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 30 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 29 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 28 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 27 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 26 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 25 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 24 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 23 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 22 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 21 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 20 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 19 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 18 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 17 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 16 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 15 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 14 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 13 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 12 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 11 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 10 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 9 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 8 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 7 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 6 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 5 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 4 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 3 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 2 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 1 2020/04/16 Read
Chapter 0 2020/04/16 Read
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Except for some overdose of information about the skills, you really enjoy the evolution of our FL, those who enjoy strategic battles will enjoy it and also I especially love the interactions of our FL and humans, can't wait to see the next chapters 🕸️
Reply · Feb 07, 2021

SPIDER-SAMA!!! I love this manga so much I have no words. It's funny, its clever, and it really fills you with a feeling of excited anticipation. When I first saw this manganese I Houghton it was just another copy of Slime but this is a completely different take on the same trope. The readers actually get to watch our main girl progress and even though you know she's the protagonist and can't die, tou can't help but root for her. I swear every time she gets out of the next big crisis situation you feel so proud of her all over again. This manga made me not only interested but CARE about what would happen next and thats the main reason I gave it a 10.
Reply · Nov 06, 2020

This was the first isekai manga I read, so it holds a bit of a soft spot for me. Our spider protagonist is drawn really cutesy. The dragons aren't drawn all that well. The art is simple, but it works to make the story seem more lighthearted. With its themes of cannibalism and mass death, it could easily have a dark overtone, but it manages to stay more fun. A lot of the humor comes from having the spider (metaphorically) dressed up in human clothes, in what I assume are references to other anime, and doing silly poses and stuff. It's basically all internal dialogue, since for a large portion of the story, it's just our singular character dealing with other monsters. Later, fe gets a Parallel Minds skill which lets fem literally talk with femself and a few other characters are also introduced, but the manga isn't really about the characters. It feels like the readers are meant to project themselves onto the spider since feir personality seems pretty generically otaku.
Reply · Sep 04, 2020

The idea of becoming a monster and start a evolution it is really good. I think that So I'm a Spider, So what? Could be as good as Re: Monster. The only problem, for me, it starts on mid chapters foward. The beggining is excelent, but when she starts to get multiple personalites it RUINS the manga. Everything goes to the dumpster
Reply · Aug 11, 2020

No spoilers. Main character is simple and cute. She works hard to gain strength through eating her foes. It's not a ground-breaking read but I enjoyed it and have tracked the updates as they come out. Why it's different: MC is female (atypical for this genre), and non human. Her transportation to the new world is also unusual. Because the mc is alone there is a lot of internal dialogue and it reads rather like a journal.
Reply · Aug 08, 2020

This was the first ever manga I've ever read. So now I read every day like CRAZY, and it all started with this (:
Reply · Oct 21, 2019

This manga is like your general isekai-exploration-rpglike manga, but with added twist of mc being a generally op spider.
Reply · Aug 26, 2018

What starts out as one of the better "isekai" mangas out there, slowly turns repetitive and what could have been a great manga turns in to a "more of the same"story, with constant rinse and repeat of the same threads. Whilst those problems wouldn't be a deal breaker for me in and of themselves, coupled with the fact that there's no real supporting cast so far, I found it difficult to hold interest.
Reply · Dec 07, 2017

The story seems pretty much distant as the manga still feels like it is just at the begining as the character gets better.
Reply · Nov 28, 2017

Nai wa !! the story is one of the best what i've seen ever at first talk about the daily strugle of a guil who raicarnate in another world because of a stupide act of the previous hero and demon king to kill the persone named D but they failed and they caused the death of the whole classe in some school in japan and the persone named D took the responsibility and raincarnate all the school in a game like world and gave the some extra skill and a lot of point that can buy skill excepte for the main charactaire who raicarnate as a spider and she had 0 skill point she lived a harsh live and she live at fear and horror and run away from the formidable enemie called alaba (the earth dragon) but after all that she learned to live strongly and beat all her enemie and rise her lvl and finnaly gain skill to back and beat alaba and she succeded after that she aimed for the strongest bein in the world the current demon king but she was killed but she founded a way to revive xD and the storie keep going with that
Reply · Jun 28, 2017

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