Alt names: 19-21, 19, 21, Dix-neuf et vingt ans, Dix-neuf et vingt-et-un ans, Neunzehn, einundzwanzig, Nineteen Twenty One, Nineteen, Twenty One, Девятнадцать, Двадцать один, 十九岁二十一岁, 十九歲二十一歲, 열아홉스물하나,
Author: Yohan
Artist: Zhena
Genre: Slice of Life Romance Psychological Drama Comedy
Demographic: Josei
Format: Long Strip
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OMGGG!! This is ANMAZING! I Love This Manga So MUCH!!
Reply · Jun 16, 2021

This story would feel most relatable when you're in the same age range, it's healing yet a bit too occupied with too much cat activities at the same time. I get what they're trying to convey through this but having 90% of the chapters covering cats and dem changing the neighbours' opinions on strays is overkill at best. I'd like to see more of the girl's previous accident to feel how scarred she is otherwise my sympathies will all be directed to the stray cats rather than that sense of loss she felt. Just my opinion tho, there's many ways to portray that and they've successfully done so by placing a carefree guy on the verge of adulthood near her to contrast her dejected view in "what makes an adult". But other than that it's a major cat-fest.
Reply · Mar 09, 2021

I have to agree that the characters and the cats in this are cutesy enough but it's just the plot only focuses much more on the couple feeding stray cats then just deep diving on their backgrounds. Pretty much plot holes here and there basically, otherwise a nice manhwa to waste time with!
Reply · Dec 06, 2020

This was refreshing, sweet, and extremely relatable. I'd recommend this sorry to anyone who's in their last year of high school or in college because it's one of those stories that feel like a hug telling you you're not alone. Great story, characters, and growth depicted here.
Reply · Dec 06, 2020

It's not the right overall but there a lot more things that I consider than just those 3. I just absolutely love the sweet development and the caring of cats. I love how they know it they don't need to stretch it out so they only show the crucial parts. I love the lines they use, whether its original or not, they made good use of those quotes and lines and made a really big impact on the story and to me. I love the development even tho it's short. They write the development of the characters so well that it seems like you have been reading for about 70 chapters and not 21. I love the title, it plays on their age and the time the girl lost. I love the guy as he has a very childish side but also a very mature one. I see myself in him but I know he is different. I love the romance that they do. Since I saw myself in the guy, my heart often started beating fast as I was reading this. The mere 30 minutes of my life I spent reading this was one of the best 30 minutes of my life. I might be exaggerating. It might not be as good as I say for some people. However, I just thought that I found this manga at the perfect time. I was feeling for some light-hearted romance. I wanted to see people blushing and realizing their feelings. I loved how short but long this was. I loved absolutely everything about this. If I were to give anything wrong about this, it would be its length. It might be contradicting how I said it was short but long. However, I think that I would like to see some of the unnecessary things. Those little unnecessary things might make the story just a tad bit better. As I am about 10 years too late when this manga came out, I would probably wait another 10 years for a sequel. And if I need to, I would wait even longer for an anime. If the anime doesn't happen, I would do it myself. There are animes like "my little monster." and "Gamers" where it's a light-hearted romance. However, I believe that the romance of these can't even raise a candle to this one.
Reply · Sep 28, 2020


Reply · Dec 15, 2012

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